Memory Monday

You can take a girl out of One Tree Hill, but try taking the One Tree Hill out of this girl, you kind of can’t.

One Tree Hill — or OTH as I always refer to it was my show.  I fell in love with this show at it’s start.  September 23rd, 2003. Yep, I remember that. When I moved down to NC, where OTH was filmed, I was ecstatic!  I extra’ed on the show, befriended very few cast members (Hilarie Burton, hey girl, heyy!), loved the crew more than the cast, that is for real, that crew was bomb.  As the seasons went on and I got older, I got out of it.  I stopped extra-ing, I stopped watching as Chad and Hilarie departed, but it always has a special place in my heart.

So for the past two years EyeCon has brought the OTH convention to Wilmington, to it’s home.  Every single time is comes around I back to that girl on Sept 23, 2003.  I get fan girly, and excited.  This year I actually worked for the event, which was amazing.  But even though I worked it — I got to enjoy a very special event.  A concert with Joy Lenz, Tyler Hilton, and Kate Voegele.

Now back to taking the show out of the girl, you can’t.  OTH introduced me to Kate Voegele and for that I am FOREVER grateful because her music literally speaks to me, she writes the best songs, and is real in her actions and  her emotions.  Plus 5.07 was amazing to film and see her do her thang and thrive at it.

OTH also brought Tyler Hilton to the forefront — I heard of him and when he came on the show I hated his character, but going to his concerts? That’s Tyler and I love Tyler.  He is one of the most passionate singers I have ever seen live.  He literally puts 250% in every performance and wants to please his fans doing so.

Lastly, Joy.  Obviously, OTH brought Joy to the forefront as well, but I waited and waited and WAITED to see this lady live for years.  The wait was very worthwhile.  I have to thank EyeCon for allowing this concert to happen, because it was a bucket list dream of mine for me to see Joy (and including Tyler/Kate) for so long.

So I bring to you my Memory Monday, to see my gallery of the show please click here.